I actually laughed out loud today at work when I found this on the internet.

The video comes from Kalen Reacts on Facebook. This young man watches cooking shows and reacts to them. (Yes, this seems to be a thing on Facebook. Who's got this kind of time?)

Anyway, it starts off making what seems to be some high class mac & cheese. Then it takes a turn for the nasty as some nut bag adds cooked veggies. Might as well dig something out of the toilet as well because it'll taste just as crappy.

The hilarity ensues when Kalen starts calling for the black lady to come back and fix it!

Turns out, I'm a little late to the party. Kalen was seen by Ellen, and was even featured on her show.

This is pure stupidity, but if you need a good laugh to get you through the day, then by all means, enjoy.


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