A lot of folks have a lot of opinions about Jerry Jones. I myself used to be a big time Cowboys fan myself until Jones pulled that Jimmy Johnson/Barry Switzer switcheroo after Johnson won a Super Bowl for the man. His continuing fascination with Johnny Football displays a flaw in moral outlook.  And he was a guest star on the single most douchey cable series, Entourage. I even resent AT&T Stadium being called "Jerryworld" when tax dollars went into building the thing.

But at a time when he could've been exclusively celebrating the victory of his grandson who quarterbacked the team which beat the Temple Wildcats in the state championship game, he took the time to speak with the saddened Wildcats and their coach, Scott Stewart. He didn't have to do that. And like him or not, he is a very active representative of the sport and the NFL. It was a classy gesture to be sure.

Another rich guy we all know is always talking about class and how classy he is with his marble columned classy class and how he'll make America classy again with all his classy class. Here in Texas, we know how the small gestures speak volumes. At this moment, Jerry Jones was a total mensch. Good for him.

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