Witnessing something as a eclipse is a once in a lifetime moment. But there's a reason it's rare sight for some, as they don't happen every week. One of those rare events? A total solar eclipse.

Thankfully, we can use many different tools to discover when the moment will take place. Luckily for us, the next time it'll happen is soon, next year to be exact. Even luckier for us, Texas will be right in the path of the moment.

First let's talk about what a total solar eclipse entails, for those who are unaware. According to our friends from NASA, the event happens when the moon simply moves in between the sun and the earth. This in turn results it seeming to look like night when in actuality is daytime.

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So how does Texas factor into all of this? Well the total part of that statement comes in as a factor.

Waco, Texas And Watching The Total Solar Eclipse

The path of the event will go right over the area of Central Texas. Details about how long the amount of time it will be dark can be found right here. But why do we mention Waco specifically? Well, they're already preparing for the big day.

On the campus of Baylor University, McLane Stadium will be the place for many Texans to partake in the viewing of the eclipse. They're even selling tickets for the event, which should be a heads up that traffic during that time in the year will be rather...interesting to think about.

How excited are you for the event? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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