I have some parents here in Killeen, Texas that feel like the Killeen Independent School District might need a class on taking more accountability for their children. I’m a big believer in once you drop your child off at school, they are with an educator for eight hours during which you have to trust that they will mold that child into being a better person. Can feel secure knowing that my child feels safe with any educators.

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Satalia Thomas is a mother from Killeen who has a son attending Gateway Middle School. She recently called me in a state of distress, stating that a teacher had allegedly assaulted her child. She wanted answers from the school and was not receiving them. Satalia explained to me that she had numerous conversations and conferences with administrators, but no action has taken place.


This concerned mom told me there is actually footage of a teacher throwing a water bottle at her child, as well as a video of her child being pushed by an educator.

Speaking as a mother myself, we want our children to become the best human beings they can be, and one way to do that is to ensure that they're given the respect they're expected to demonstrate.

I tried calling Gateway middle school to see if they would like to give a statement, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get an answer from anyone.

Our children need to feel safe and inspired at school, not frightened and defeated. If these allegations are true, this could possibly damage the child’s confidence for years to come. Always keep in mind that our children are our future leaders, entrepreneurs, engineers, and caretakers and we should treat them as such to set a good example.

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