Meet Taylor Winston, a Marine veteran who stole a truck during the Las Vegas shooting so that he could drive over two dozen victims to the hospital.

Winston was interviewed by CBS in the video above and described in the original story how one minute he was dancing the two-step with his girlfriend, and the next minute he was trying to get away from a hail of gunfire. He described the scene as, "a mini war zone, but we couldn't fight back."

Winston said he saw a row of white pickup trucks, and out of sheer luck one of them had the keys sitting in the ignition. He packed as many people into the back seat as he could and laid several more in the bed of the pickup and headed for the hospital.

He told CBS he was able to return the keys to the owner on Monday evening and that he wasn't sure how many of the shooting victims he took to the hospital survived. He said he was confident that what he did made a difference in the lives of the victims.

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