America is a great big melting pot of people of all colors, nationalities, and religions. It's what we were founded on and it's what makes this country great. So what cities in America represent the diversity of our nation more?

That's what WalletHub set out to find - the most diverse city in America.

To do so, they judged 501 cities on 13 metrics including Socioeconomic, Cultural, Economic, Household, and Religious Diversity.

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Surprisingly, with all those metrics added up, Houston, Texas is the Most Diverse City in America, scoring a 71.87 overall. It's interesting to note that Houston didn't land in the top ten of any of the categories.

When it comes to Socioeconomic diversity, Silver Springs, Maryland tops the list, while Jersey City, New Jersey is tops for Cultural diversity and Badger, Arkansas is tops for Economic diversity. Clarksburg, West Virginia is number one for Household diversity and Richmond, Virginia tops the list for Religious diversity.

Houston just had the most consistent high scores where other major cities may have only had a high score in one metric. Congrats, Houston.

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Here are the overall top ten most diverse cities in America:

  1. Houston, TX
  2. Jersey City, NJ
  3. New York, NY
  4. Dallas, TX
  5. Los Angeles, CA
  6. Gaithersburg, MD
  7. Silver Springs, MD
  8. Arlington, TX
  9. Long Beach, CA
  10. Chicago, IL

It's nice to see three Texas cities rank in the top ten.

As for the least diverse city in the U.S., that would be Provo, Utah, which scores only a 55.38 out of 100.

So how did Houston become so diverse? It's home to NASA, HP, a huge medical center and it's close to Mexico so it has a huge Hispanic presence. The city is just one big melting pot inside a melting pot.

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