Let me start off this post by saying, in the loudest most serious voice my typed words can muster: the reactions to the results of Tuesday's election have gone far enough. Enough.  We are forgetting our humanity as people, allowing emotion to not only cloud our judgment but to rule it entirely.

I have much stronger and far less polite words for the woman in this video. I am ashamed that someone this ignorant, this hateful, this totally lacking in empathy and understanding of children has been allowed custody of a child.

Why am I so angry? Because when I was a young child, there was a mock election in my grade school class.  In retrospect, it's not actually the kind of exercise one would expect in kindergarten. The teacher asked us to stand on the side of the room which our parents were voting in the election.  Democrats to the left, Republicans to the right. I didn't know up from down at that point, and I was already on the left side of the room so I stayed there.  The teacher said be sure and ask your parents if you made the right choice, and we'd do the same exercise the next day.

At dinner that night, I mentioned to my folks about the choosing up of sides. I was informed that I was mistaken, my family was Republican. Well, I was a stubborn lad.  I was going to stay with the people I was with from the get-go. I'd rather be loyal and lose than change sides and be seen as a turncoat.   Yes I was a very chivalrous five-year-old.

As it turns out, the Republicans in that class won and I was left standing with a bunch of kids whose parents ended up supporting a losing candidate, and whose views were not in line with my family's.  It was a mistake. I learned a lesson: people lose. I learned another lesson: make sure you know what you're talking about or you'll lose. I learned a third lesson: losing sucks and hanging out with losers sucks even more.

My parents never brought it up again. I never brought it up again. I got the same big hug from my mom when she picked me up from school later that day.  That's how you're supposed to love your children: unconditionally.  Especially since it was a fake election.

I couldn't bring myself to watch this whole video where a woman kicks her eight-year-old son out of the house because he voted for Donald Trump in a mock election at school. Not a real election voted on by an adult, which if she had adult children is really none of her damn business anyway, but a fake one voted on by a little boy who is probably as ignorant about politics as I was at five.  The woman even uses an expletive directed at her own child. That is classless and unacceptable.

I don't know if there's any law that has been broken, but I'm happy Child Protective Services is involved. What's amazing is she even posted a video of the incident. Who puts this business in the street?

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