A few months back, we asked you "Should parents have a dress code when picking their kids up from school?" and a lot of the responses were straight down the middle with half of the audience saying "No" while the other half "Yes".

One mother in Texas is putting that very question to the test according to KPRC in Houston. Joselyn Lewis arrived on the campus of Lamar High school to un-enroll her 15-year-old daughter on Monday morning due to bullying concerns. Lewis wore a T-shirt dress of Marilyn Monroe and a head scarf onto the campus and said that she didn't receive any issues from any of the staff there about her outfit.

But when she went to Madison High School, the school she's transferring her daughter to, she was not allowed on the property she claims. Lewis said at first, she thought an administrator mistook her for a student and explained that she was a parent and registering her child. According to Lewis, the school administrator explained that her head scarf and t-shirt dress was "out of dress code".

Lewis says that she demanded to see documentation of a "parent dress code" and refused to leave, which prompted the school to call police but she was not arrested and left on her own after getting in contact with the "school board" she says. Madison High School does have a list of "parent responsibilities" but makes no mention of a "parent dress code". The HISD has not commented as of yet.

So what do you think about this, should it matter what a parent wheres to school or did the school do the right thing by not allowing her onto the campus?

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