The idea of a high-speed rail system which would link several large Texas population centers has been floating around for sometime. We reported on it in the past. It did not fare largely in the recent elections as an issue, but proponents of the idea have not been at rest.

Last month, the private company known as Texas Central Railway  issued its own report detailing the current status of efforts to bring high-speed rail to Texas. The folks over at the blog Texas Hill Country have broken the main points of the report down into illustrative graphics and paragraphs.

A lot of conservatives don't like the idea of high-speed rail. But if there's one thing the election showed us is that somebody with big ideas can attract support by talking about ambitious projects.  Any conversation of fixing Americas infrastructure should include rail and any conversation about transportation in growing areas should include Texas.  We have the robust economy, the need, the people and the innovation.

Around the time of the release of the report, one of our Texas state representatives hosted a forum on high-speed rail in Hempstead. If you're so inclined and have the time, the entire event is presented in this YouTube video.

There are always pros and cons to an argument. As the state determines whether it moves forward with such a project, we have some time to discuss. Are you for or against the high-speed rail system in Texas?

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