Internet meme business takes a death blow.

I hate cats. In a PC world that's not a good thing to say I know, but I'm into telling the truth.

Now saying that, I'll admit I got a kick out of Grumpy Cat. It occasionally made me smile when one of it's meme's would pop up in my propaganda feed.

Well, Grumpy Cat is dead. Like many girls and boys after prom, it picked up UTI and the UTI won.

If you ever wondered why Grumpy looked so grumpy, well, it seems it had a form of feline dwarfism that made it appear more annoyed than "normal" cats.

Even without the dwarfism, Grumpy was not normal for the simple reason of money. I've had a pet die, and it's sad, but when said pet is allegedly making your family millions of dollars a year, yea, that's a death blow for sure.

Cat or dog, person or alien, weird works. If you're goofy looking, don't be sad, post a few memes. Who knows, you just might hit it rich. At the least you might get a job in radio.

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