Central Texas lake in danger after spillway collapse.

You'd think that a spillway collapsing would be a major flooding concern. It is, but it also turns out, it's just the opposite.

The spillway collapse made national news, but now the people of Lake Dunlap have to live with the aftermath. You see, the lake is now gone.

All the water has escaped after the collapse of the 90 year old spillway. In one day people of Lake Dunlap had lakefront property, and now they live next to mud. Mud filled with garbage at that.

There's more. KXAN is reporting that Lake Dunlap, just south of New Braunfels, was the water provider for the city of Kyle, Texas. The city says they have water for everyone, but they would like it if the citizens did start to conserve. Which means, no pool water, your car might get dirty for a while, and go ahead and let the yard die off.

As for the people of Lake Dunlap, the dam itself is still good, it was the spillway that failed. If that could be fixed, the lake could, technically, be refilled. Of course, now would be a great time to pick up all the unsightly trash that had been dumped in the lake over the years.

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