No good deed goes unpunished. It seems to be true when you work for Great American Cookie.

Fox 7 is reporting that an employee from Great American Cookie in the Katy Mills Mall in Katy, Texas has been suspended because he purchased the order of a police officer.

His kind act was not appreciated by the person in line behind the officer. It seems that when she asked to have her purchased paid for by the young man, and was denied, began to curse him out, and according to his mom's Facebook page, threaten him physically.

It seems some people are so dumb and lazy that can't figure out that some people appreciate a public servant. Maybe if they made a few sacrifices for the public good, that they then might be treated to a perk or two.

It would be nice to see this cop step up and pay back the kid, since he's going to miss a week's worth of pay. It hurts to think that this is an issue. Why would the cookie store even placate these horrible people?

'Merica!, where being nice will cost you. Spread the hate people. Spread the hate.


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