Alright now, clean it up Killeen!

Sounds like your parents, right? The city fathers in Killeen have started the clean up of the area designated as Zone 4 - specifically from Stan Schlueter north to Fort Hood and from Highway 195 west also to Fort Hood - as part of an ongoing beautification initiative.

According to Hilary Shine, Killeen's Public Information Officer, the city has been divided into nine zones, with KPD officers canvassing each zone for a month to identify code violations at businesses, residences and lots. Some of the most common residential code violations include junk vehicles, high grass, care of premises (or lack thereof), trash and graffiti. Find out more about City codes at and to abate issues that exist on their properties prior to zone enforcement. Violations in Zone 4 or other parts of the city can be reported online or by calling 254-501-7608.


Already, the initiative called "Clean '17" has yielded results.

According to Shine, work in Zone 3 - the area by the Fort Hood boundary on the north, Rancier Avenue on the south, WS Young Drive on the west and the city limit on the east - is mostly done after starting last month, with officers performing 1,305 inspections and identifying 1,168 violations. Most of the issues were care of premises and high grass and weeds. The good news is most property owners voluntarily complied, so only 15 citations were issued.

Pick up your junk!

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