I cannot imagine a McDonald's without Hi-C orange drink.  For young children, it's practically the national drink of choice when going to Mickey D's.

I remember my brother had a birthday party at McDonald's which was the thing to do in the late 70s. All the kids were treated to a Ronald McDonald cake and a sippy cup-sized portion of Hi-C orange. With all that sugar, it was a festive party!

Hi-C has a broader appeal than youngsters who shouldn't be drinking sugary sodas.

As recently as last year, while fighting a particularly nasty cold, I visited the drive-thru window at McDonald's to order a Hi-C. The name is descriptive: 21 ounces of Hi-C orange has 177% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin c. There's a reason why this stuff works.

Now comes this memo....(their French, not mine)

Are you kidding me? Some untested kind of Sprite versus an old standard. I suspected something was up when McDonald's added Minute Maid frozen slushies. One of the flavors is orange.

The common denominator: both Sprite and Minute Maid are products of The Coca-Cola Company. So is Hi-C. The thing is, the Slushies are more expensive than the Hi-C. And real orange juice, also from Minute Maid, is at a premium price.

Honestly, for a cheap drink with some benefits - as opposed to the empty calories sugary sodas - Hi-C is hard to beat especially if you're a parent looking for a non-soda drink for their child, one which goes a longer way than those tiny milk jugs (too small.) Honestly, I hope McDonald's reconsiders. They could replace that water dispenser - a wasted space, water should share with lemonade via a small handle - with the new Sprite flavor.

If not, I'll pay a dollar for a packet these and put it in my free water.

Photo by Darren Gauthier
Photo by Darren Gauthier

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