Finally, the day is here. Election Tuesday. What will we do tomorrow when there are no negative adds on our television? I'm guessing smile more.


If you've yet to vote because you're not sure where to go, or what issues are on the ballot, let me help with that.

Here is the the website you need to go to. Just plug in your address and it'll not only show where to go vote, but it'll also give you instruction on how to get there. Plus, it'll show what you'll have to vote on in the ballot.

I get to go to the Mayborne Center in Temple. Yippie!

No pressing dope issues to vote on, Just the usual array of Judges and representatives. Don't know how Beto got on the ballot first though. Shouldn't the incumbent be listed first? Also, did you know there's a third choice there? Libertarian Neal M. Dikeman. Now that would be an upset.

Seems the LIbertarian are on the ballot a lot. We should vote for them. Not that there better qualified, but because they didn't bombard us with B.S. Hell, didn't even know they were on the ballot. The Libertarians might want to address that in the next two years.

The Texas Secretary of State's office has a handy list of what issues you'll be voting on. Check that out at

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