Temple ISD is trying solve a waste problem.

KWTX is reporting that Temple ISD is attempting to reduce waste in the school lunch program.

Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into Texas law last June that allows schools to donate unwanted food items to other hungry students.

It seems that kids would come back for an extra milk or fruit, but the school district can only give one for free, so the kids would have to pay for the next one. That same food would then be tossed in the trash because it was unwanted.

At Temple ISD 74 percent of students are on free and reduced lunch, and the district dishes out close to 9,500 meals a day, so this year the administration has been working to find ways to implement the new law. Israel Garcia says..."This share table allows for those students that maybe are full to put back into it." There's a sign that reads, "Have an item, take an item, thank you for sharing with your friends!" Garcia goes on..."That allows other children to come take an extra milk or an extra pre-packaged serving of fruit."

Sometime common sense goes away. Throwing away good food while kids are hungry is simply ridiculous. More districts should be working towards solutions.

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