The talent on display in Killeen, Texas is, in my opinion, is absolutely underrated and often overlooked. We've had singers make it on national TV and athletes go on to the major leagues, so it's no surprise that an artist from our town is bringing attention to the community with a creative endeavor.

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YouTube/ Gba Mafia


It was in a social media group associated with Central Texas' hip-hop elite called the "Day Room" where I met a young artist who was originally from Lake Providence, Louisiana (but now calls Killeen home) named Fat Hustle.

His name probably makes most people immediately associate him purely with hip-hop, but Fat Hustle has released a country song that's going to surprise a lot of new listeners.



The 33-year-old started off with the love of hip-hop like a lot of young people, but as he got older he realized that it was time for not only his craft to evolve, but him as a person to grow as well.

Once Fat Hustle felt that his time with hip-hop was over, he was ready to try something new, and here in the South, country music is law. So, why not give this a try, Fat Hustle thought?


When I talked with him recently, the artist said the first reaction he got from his musical peers was disbelief. Some even made fun of the idea. He decided to forge ahead anyway, and produced a song that's a beautiful fusion of hip-hop and country. You can hear it in the video above.


YouTube/ Gba Mafia
YouTube/ Gba Mafia

"Back Road" is one of those songs that paints a perfect picture of what life and love can be in a Texas town. What makes it even more remarkable to me is that he mostly improvised the lyrics as a freestyle, singing it purely from his heart.

The talent in Central Texas never ceases to amaze me. Fat Hustle is definitely breaking barriers, and I have to congratulate him on a touching song.


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