If ACDC had a twin, this band would be it. I’ve seen a LOT of tribute bands in my day, so I can honestly say that when it comes to all things ACDC, Back in Black is the absolute best.

Often times, when a band has consisted of more than one vocalist, you usually only get to hear the vocal stylings of one vocalist when watching a tribute band. That is NOT the case with Back in Black. With these guys, you get the full on ACDC experience.

Central Texans are in for a HUGE treat because Back in Black will soon be in our neck of the woods! On Saturday night (yay, a weekend night!) October 12th,  Back in Black will play Schoepf’s BBQ in Belton. Proceeds will benefit Clements Boys and Girls Club.

Photo by Back in Black
Photo by Back in Black

It will be like seeing ACDC when they were younger. Put it like this. In March of 2016, AC/DC auditioned lead singer Darren Caperna to replace Brian Johnson for their world tour. It doesn’t get more realistic than that! Darren channels Bon and Brian. He has each of their voices and mannerisms perfected. It is amazing to hear and watch.

Mike Mroz (Angus) is amazing as well complete with shorts and across the stage scoot…lol Bass player Sheldon Conrad  and rhythm guitarist Ramiro Noriega are exceptional as well as my friend and drummer Ken “Da Crusha” Schiumo.

Get a bunch of friends together and buy a table! For 500 bucks, you get a table that includes 6 front row seats (and hurry up because there are only 10 of these available…) of for 250 bucks, you can get a table and 6 tickets (only 20 of these available.)

Tickets are 15 dollars in advance and 20 dollars at the door.

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