We all know Belton, Texas is a great place to raise your kids, and that a Belton ISD education is so valuable. Now the whole worlds knows too after a BISD teacher received both state and national awards for her dedication to educating and inspiring local kids.

Teachers Change Lives

Think back to when you were growing up. Throughout our school lives, we've all had teachers that have impacted our lives in ways we couldn't have imagined. For me, being a musical person, it was my music teachers that always pushed me to be better.

I remember how in high school my teacher, Dr. V, was a huge inspiration for me. His drive and desire to see us become the best version of ourselves is something that still sticks with me to this day. It was because of him that I grew into a better person.

It's always heartwarming to know that teachers like Dr. V are around, and there's an example of that greatness right here in Central Texas. We'd like you to meet Elizabeth Howson.

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Who is Elizabeth Howson?

A recent announcement from Belton ISD sheds some light on Ms. Howson. She is an eighth grade middle school teacher, set to start her 18th year of mentoring students in this upcoming semester. However, we aren't setting the spotlight just for her years in teaching.

Ms. Howson recently received not one, but two awards for her work in the classroom.

Howson received the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History 2022 Texas History Teacher of the Year and the 2022 Betty Barringer Outstanding Middle School Teacher Awards.

A comment from the principal of North Belton Middle School, Michelle Tish, said of Howson:

"She is a gifted educator who finds fun and innovative ways to deliver content to her students,” Tish continued on, “The students can see and feel her passion for them and the subject matter, which ignites their own passion for learning even beyond Mrs. Howson’s classroom.”

How does Howson inspire her students?

There are innovative ways to teach any type of subject. For Howson, it sometimes involves students examining artifacts or even dressing up in a costume. Even a flashlight might come into play if it helps her students grasp a concept and appreciate what they've learned.

According to Belton ISD, Howson said of her teaching style: “I teach the really hard stuff with a fun twist, My goal every day is to smile. It is to have fun. It is to engage students and make learning something they enjoy. When students walk into ‘campfires’ and folk music, they want to know what’s going on. They want to solve the mystery. It’s about them wanting to learn and being a part of the lessons.”

Howson even has her social pages, like her Twitter for example, that she hopes can inspire not only students, but also parents and other educators.

"It’s a joy to work in Belton ISD using my gifts to inspire students and empower their futures," she said. "I love sharing my passion for learning and teaching with others. The recognition is just icing on the cake.”

One last thing needs to said:


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