How do you make Drumstick Cereal? Good question. When you figure it out be sure to contact the cereal company because they missed the mark badly.

From what I could gather with my box of cereal that I purchased with my hard earned money is that they took leftover Golden Grahams, Coco Puffs, and stale Corn Pops and combined them together.

Now, it's true that I don't use Whole Milk on my cereal since I'm lactose intolerant to a point. That point being Whole Milk. So, in case I don't have the whole day to waste on the toilet, I use Cashew milk on my cereal. This might be why I found Drumstick Cereal to be utterly bland and tasteless. I even went as far as to buy a package of Drumstick ice cream and mixed that with the cereal. Still didn't help.

So when the time comes to buy cereal, remember, Frosted Mini-Wheats mixed with Almond Milk and V-8 Diet Splash. There's nothing better to start your day.

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