As you get older, you don't feel it all the time. Just when crap like this happens.

We didn't have "daycare" when I was growing up. The banks had yet to toss the majority of the American people into debt, so it was still possible to raise a family with only one parent in the workforce.

When the other parent needed a break, the kids we dropped off either at the pool (if the kid doesn't drown I'll pick him up at 4) or the arcade.

It was called Bump N Tilt. It  featured bumper cars and pinball. But it also had a few video games, including Donkey Kong. Kick over $5 dollars and you can play anything you wanted all damn day. (If you get paralyzed in the bumper cars, well, you'll have plenty of money left to pay the hospital bill.)

The Kong has just turned 37. Yep, it's been 37 years of us trying to kill the ape that kidnapped Pauline, Mario's original girlfriend.

Via ABC on YouTube
Via ABC on YouTube

No, not that one.

Speaking of, what ever happened to Pauline?

Anyway, in 2007, a documentary called "King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters" documented the rise in popularity of the game and two men's competition to shatter the high score.

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