I was surfing around Facebook yesterday when saw a post from a friend that really brought attention to a problem I hadn't even considered.

My friend was at HEB and noticed a lot of seniors trying to shop for the essentials they need and noticed how hard it was for them to actually do their shopping with so many people crowding the aisles at the same time.

The problem was that she saw so many people pushing by the seniors to get their own supplies that the elderly folk were basically being shoved around and yelled at for being too slow or in the way of others.

A very real problem for the elderly folks for sure.

With that in mind, Dollar General is stepping up.

Starting March 17, they will let seniors shop during their first hour of operation without the normal crowds.

According to their press release, "Dollar General is strongly encouraging that the first hour of operations each day be dedicated solely for the shopping needs of senior customers, who are one of the groups most vulnerable to the COVID-19 coronavirus."

They've also announced they are adjusting current close times to allow employees to clean and re-stock store shelves. You can use their store search site to see your nearest store and what their hours currently are.

This is really a great step forward, and I hope other companies will follow in this example.

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