Here's a quick look at whether you're in a bad relationship. 

Dallas County Sheriff's Department
Dallas County Sheriff's Department

First off, if the term "sextortion" is used to describe your relationship, then yeah, you might have an issue.

Second, if your lover is 14 and you're knocking on 30's door, you're in a real bad relationship.

If said 14-year-old then starts to starts to blackmail you, you've got it bad.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Thao "Sandy" Doan, who taught at Raul Quintanilla Sr. Middle School in Dallas, was arrested last week and faces a sexual assault charge in connection to an alleged relationship with an underage student.

According to an affidavit, it seems the boy's mother saw her son was receiving "large amounts of money",which he then used for bad things.

Turns out the boy was allegedly asking for the money from the teacher. His mother gave the investigators screen shots of the conversations.

One message read, "[W]atch ima start getting the pics and everything ready … to show the cops right I anit [sic] playing.”

Odds are she's going to jail and he will be a successful business man.


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