Beware of that flu shot if you're going to school to be a teacher.

Some say that the flu shot is what gives kids autism. I'm sure these are the same people who said that cigarettes aren't harmful back in the 20's as well. Idiots never die. And to prove it, I'll be the first to say that getting the flu shot in teachers' college will turn you into a sexual monster.

It's the only thing I can think could be the reason why so many teachers are preying on children for sex.

True, I remember being in my mid-thirties. I'll be honest, I was an idiot. I was more "doable" then than I am now, but still, dumb as a box of hamers (get it?)

That being said, I sure as hell was more mature at 32 than I was at 16. So why in the world have there been so many cases of women teachers bedding their students? Men your own age are somehow less desirable? Sure, they're all littered with STD's, but at least you won't go to jail for making a bad choice between men who are in their 30's, but you will when they're in their teens.

KWTX is reporting on a story from KXII about a teacher from a Muenster High school who was arrested for having sex with two students. In for a penny...I guess.

Arrest warrants state that Lynn Burge, 32, started sending nude pictures of herself on Snapchat (who still uses this?) to a 16-year-old male student last fall. (Flu Shot)

It seems she took the kid "backroading" and drinking. Then went to her house where she "blew" his mind, then had intercourse with him.

The affidavit then says that she did the same thing with an 18-year-old in March.

She was chaperoning a school field trip to the State Fair when she was interviewed by a Texas Ranger. It was an informal interview, but Burge admitted to having sex with the 18-year-old, but was too drunk to remember if she had sex with the 16-year-old. (smart)

She has since resigned. She's free on $125,000 bond.

So I guess she's got some free time to spend with her husband and two kids. Yeah. That's right. She's married with children. Lovely.

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