Did you get excited for a minute? I did.


I'll admit it. I was tempted to drive down to the DQ and get this yesterday. I truly hate April Fools Day. But, I will be making this on my own.

I was told to cut back on bread. O.K. Meat Sundae's are the answer.

I forsee a nice clump of chopped beef/soy meat, covered in cheese, topped with chips. You're right, I should give up the chips for lent.

I know there are people out there asking...

"What about the veggies?"

Check the toilet you freaks. The garden belongs to the rabbits. After all, if we tell the rabbit that TRIX are for kids, we have to give them something. Lettuce is all theirs.

Meat and Cheese. What more do you need? Tomatoes? Please, just cook the beef in Ragu, or tomato paste, and it's all good.

If you need a vegetable, the drink a V8 Splash.

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