It must be profitable, because idiots keep doing it.

KWTX is reporting that another butt hole has placed a card skimmer at a gas station.

The latest one was found Monday in Robinson at the Valero Station at 701 North Robison Drive. Good news here is that it was found by an employee of the station. That's good to hear. I always worry about a place when a skimmer is found by a customer. If I owned a convenience store, I'd have an employee checking the pumps once an hour.

The employee called the police and they quote, "Noticed that the payment door had been tampered with and replaced with skimmer."

They don't know how long it was in place, but they found only one at the station. They're encouraging anyone who filled up at the station to check their cards statements closely. Sadly they estimate that it could've been there since November of 2018.

Well, it's nice that the Valero in Robinson has a "check the pumps once every 5 months" policy. Might want to shorten that a little.



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