Early morning robbery Monday in Temple.

Via Chelsea Edwards/KWTX
Via Chelsea Edwards/KWTX

Growing up, I, like everyone, tested societies parameters. I tried stealing. Got caught. Tried stealing beer. Got away with it, but then, not wanting to litter, brought the can back into the house and put the empty on top of the garbage. The same garbage that Dad would take out in the morning. In short, I learned at a young age that I was a moron, and if I were to take up robbery as a profession, I'd be spending a lot of time in jail. So, I stopped being an ass-hole and got a real job. I've always wondered what would've happened to me if I had ignored the obvious signs that I was a bad crook. Odds are I would've been like this putz.

KWTX is reporting that a man robbed the Cracker Barrel Monday morning in Temple. Employees reported that a man entered the restaurant with a gun while they were getting ready to open. He demanded the cash, then escaped on foot.

This would've been something I would've done as a teen. Robbing the store before it had a chance to make any money. The only money a store has on hand before they open is the change drawer. Ours was around $50 dollars in ones, fives, tens, and change. Definitely not an amount you want to risk prison for.

The suspect is reportedly a black man wearing gray sweatpants and a gray sweater.

The restaurant reopened by mid-morning. No injuries were reported.

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