During the summer if people young and old have extra time on their hands, bad people must have the time to concoct more scams. Sadly, with the heat comes bad behavior and so this afternoon the Copperas Cove Police Department issued this:

'Recently, several citizens have been called by an organization claiming to be the Internal Revenue Service. The criminals representing these fake organizations will convincingly claim that the citizen owes several thousand dollars in back taxes followed with the threat of jail if immediate payment is not made. In an effort to take payment, the caller directs the citizen to purchase iTunes gift cards from a local store in increments of five-hundred dollars each. The caller will then ask that the citizen provide them with the numbers from the back of the cards. Once this process takes place, there is very little opportunity for the citizen to recover their money. Please do not engage in this phone scam!'

Since when are iTunes gift cards accepted in lieu of actual payment anywhere...especially with the IRS?! You can't make this stuff up!  What exactly are these criminals doing, using the iTunes funds to buy more lives on Angry Birds? Filling up their music collection?  Binge watching? They can't get money back once it's been given to the iTunes Store, so they must be buying every app known to man.

If you live in Copperas Cove and know about the idiots involved in this scam, contact your Copperas Cove Police Department at (254) 547-8222.

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