We already have enough division in our country based on the political climate so how about we ignore that for a little while and focus on hating each other for a more "fun" reason: Sports and the teams we root for! A recent study found that dating someone that roots against your favorite team could be a deal breaker.

A survey of 2,000 Americans in relationships conducted by FatHead found that 22% of WOMEN COULD NOT date someone who was a fan of a team that they hate while only 15% of men said that had an issue with it. Damn Ladies, yall cold.

But that's not all, many couples enjoy watching sports together. When asked "With whom do you usually watch sports?” 84% of women say they watch with their partner. that number was smaller for guys at 60% but 70% guys would rather watch sports with their friends.

So the question is, Could you date someone who is rooting for a different team?



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