Many of our K-1017 listeners may know that last week I was on vacation. I had planned to go home to see my friends and family back in Louisiana, specifically Baton Rouge the town where I grew up.  What I expected to be short and pleasant stay turned out to be something else completely. I am still gathering my thoughts. I was there before the shooting all the way through the arrival of the "outside agitators "who escalated some of the  shenanigans you see on television.

By the way, liberals who love the 60's (which is every single one of them) really get bent out of shape  when you use that term, they believe every protester is an angel from the 60's whose cause is automatically just. I disagree with the corruption of the language,  I disagree with the heritage of privilege use making trouble, and I think a lot of folks who showed up define the term.

I don't know if I'm going to post anymore about Baton Rouge. It hurts greatly to see what's going on there, especially since my family is still there.  I'm praying these protests end without incident and the city's normal thoroughfares return to the traffic congestion for which they are known.

What I do want to write about is unity. In these hear United States, where more people agree  we still have a few things to straighten out.  This video illustrates that perfectly.

Please pray for Baton Rouge as well as Dallas and the families of those officers.

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