I wish I could say I'm not the kind of person to hold a grudge, but...I can be sometimes - particularly when it comes to people who think it's perfectly ok to help themselves to things on people's porch.

Quick tangent: I grew up in a small town, but a bad little pocket of that town. My neighborhood was full of other kids whose parents were busier getting wasted than actually being parents, and these kids ran around like a pack of jackals and just helped themselves to anything that wasn't locked up or nailed down. I know no one loves a thief, but I harbor extra ill will toward them after having lived in what was essentially a nest of them.

So, back on November 17 we shared with you a story out of Copperas Cove, where a woman was captured on Ring surveillance footage casually taking a piece of a mail from a person's porch in an unspecified neighborhood, then hopping in a vehicle with her getaway driver.

That actually happened on Wednesday, October 21, and Copperas Cove police are still searching for the suspect and her wheelman (or wheelwoman?).

On Tuesday, December 1, Copperas Cove PD shared stills of the woman and the vehicle, and reported that there have been two recent cases of mail theft in the House Creek subdivision.

Police have said they aren't sure if the cases are related, but they're still very much interested in speaking with this woman.

Check out the surveillance footage below. It's not crystal clear, but if you think you recognize the woman or the vehicle, or if you have any information that might be helpful to police, give Detective Schaefer a call at (254) 547-8222 Ext. 6894.

Nothing brings my blood to a boil quite like a thief, so I hope police catch up with these people sooner than later. Aside from it being a busy time for people ordering gifts for loves ones, there are also people who have expensive medications and medical supplies shipped to their home, and the thought of someone just strolling off with that stuff is infuriating to me.

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