Consider this a warning to anyone who thinks about committing a crime. Looking over the fees some residents will have to pay is certainly higher than a normal person would expect to pay. Crime doesn't pay, and it certainly shows with this news from Killeen.

The Municipal Court of Killeen has announced that all active warrants will be posted to weekly. Over 4,000 names will be available to be seen on the city's website. For those wondering was constitutes a warrant to be issued for someone, the city revealed what could cause a warrant being issued via a press release.

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Reasons include:

- Defaults on payment arrangements
- Does not appear for your court date
- Does not pay a fine assessed by a judge
- Other offenses not listed above

Also, when a warrant is issued, according to the press release, a $50 warrant fee will also be issued. The release states for those wishing to pay:

"To make a payment in full for your outstanding warrants, for options regarding your case and for information specific to an individual warrant, citizens with active warrants may contact the court by phone at (254)501-7850, by email at or via our website at"

Looking at the some of the reasons for a having a warrant on the website, there's plenty of reasons to shape up. Speeding is certainly one that appears frequently on the list and it's a reminder to follow the speed limit.

Also maybe don't choose to drive without license, seems like a good idea.

Regardless, be smart and safe everyone!

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