Saw this on Facebook, for all you aspiring actresses out there. Can you be "a sassy, nosey, busy-body type female character, age 40 and over, to read three lines" for a shoot in Bastrop? Read the Facebook post for more.

Nosey neighbor? A classic TV archetype! Who does this description remind you of? Of course:

I'm sure the producers and director are less-than-appreciative at my comparison. After all, they created their character to be distinct, right? Ah, who are they kidding! From the description above, they had Mrs. Kravitz in mind.

If funny is what you're after, look at Alice Pearce above. Every time she screams I lose it. Sadly, Alice died after the second season and her manic screams gave way to a more attitudinal and evil portrayal by Pearce's replacement, Sandra Gould.

If anyone goes out for this part, let us know. We'd love to find out more. Because we're nosey!

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