The holidays are typically a time for giving, and in that spirit the community comes together to help those less fortunate. So far, the giving has been slow.

Caritas of Waco is a non-profit organization founded in 1967 and has served the Waco community for 53 years. 2020 has been tough on everybody and those who benefit from Caritas depend on the services they provide.

Caritas helps people with rent and mortgage payments, food, prescriptions, transportation, and utilities, just to name a few.

Alicia Jalla, a co-executive director with Caritas of Waco, tells KXXV, Channel 25, they typically serve over 10,000 people every month providing not just food, but clothing to those in need as well.

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and Caritas has yet to secure turkeys, "You know holiday meals are expensive, and for a lot of our families, it's just not in the budget to provide a holiday meal for their families," says Jalla.

This is where you can help. Caritas is asking the community to help with what they can. Turkey donations are needed, as are other holiday food items.

Donations can be dropped off at 300 S 15th Street in Waco or money donations can be made online at

It's been a tough year for everybody, but nobody should go hungry. Individuals and families depend on the services that Caritas of Waco provide. We should all do our part to help the organizations that do this work for our communities. If you have it to give, please do, if you need the help, please reach out.

The Central Texas Food Bank could also use our help. They take volunteers year-round, and you can donate funds to help with their mission of ensuring that our friends and neighbors in need have access to nutritious food.

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