Yep, Canada is becoming the new United States.

The week started out normal for everyone, then Canada officially drank the cool-aid. That would be the Hate cool-aid.

First, Canadian songstress Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to an Octagon fight. You really need to sit the pot smoking, bucket pissing, Canuck down and explain what a no-win situation is. If you fight Tom Cruise and lose, you're a little bitch. If you fight and win, you just beat up a 60-year-old man. What kind of idiot beats up an old man? Sick. Lose. Lose.

Then the whole country cheered when UT alum Kevin Durant blew out his Achilles. As an American, yes, that is something you cheer. If you're from Philidelphia you also try to spit on them as they walk by.  But, as a Canadian, it's the last thing you do. So sad.

And now Canada is killing off ocean creatures. O.K. maybe not killing them, stab stab, shoot shoot, but killing the entertaining ones anyway. You will no longer be able to go to an aquarium and see dolphins, and killer whales. I know, right. Not even turtles and such. Bill S-203 is the End of Captivity of Whales and Dolphins Act. Imagine all those whales and dolphin entertainers looking for work now. Ouch.

In reality, if they already have trained whales and dolphins, parks can keep making them dance for Canadians enjoyment, but once they die, they can't replace them. So soon there will be no ocean slaves in Canada.

The bill also bans captive breeding, exports, imports, live captures and restricts the possession of reproductive matter. What!?

Canada is turning mean for sure. Soon they'll be looking to build a fence along their Southern border. America North, the future of Canada.

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