It started as a weekend of fun, a duck hunt along the Texas coast. It ended in sadness as the bodies of all three hunters recently reported as missing have been found by the US Coast Guard off the coast of Texas. How this happens is unfathomable.

There aren't many details about how the accident may have happened. Of course folks are speculating that the weather had a role to play in the event. That line of thinking is purely speculative at this point. The historically cold temperatures and ice certainly couldn't  have helped the three hunters nor been conducive to the Coast Guard's search to find them and/or recover their bodies.

The Coast Guard revealed the names of the hunters, all Texans, as:

  • Starett Burk, aged 25, of Wallisville
  • Spencer Hall, 19, of Mont Belvieu
  • Christian Ruckman, 18, of Dayton

Our condolences to their loved ones.

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