One of Hip-Hop's most colorful characters and quirky personalities will appear in concert at the annual Bloomin' Temple Festival this year.

Biz Markie of "Just A Friend" fame will take to the CEFCO stage at the 12th Annual Bloomin’ Temple Festival presented by H-E-B for a performance Saturday, April 29th. His show will be slotted into the next-to-closing spot which is scheduled for 8:45 PM that night.

In an era of "gangsta", Biz always struck an often humorous chord and a sometimes strange vibe. His biggest hit was "Just A Friend" in 1989. Trust me, you know it.

Few folks know the record is based a late-1960s soul chestnut by the great Freddie Scott...

A lot of folks also don't remember the second single, the follow up to "Just A Friend" called "Spring Again" which is my personal favorite Biz track.

In 1995, the Beastie Boys enlisted Biz to sing lead on their cover of Elton John's "Bennie and the Jets" which they issued as a flexi-disc with their magazine, Grand Royal. Biz incorporated the song into his live show.

We expect Biz's set to be a big party!

Go to for more information on Bloomin' and tickets.

Biz is very active online at, on Twitter @BizMarkie, on Instagram @officialbizmarkie, and on Facebook @officialbizmarkie.

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