Temple, Texas has a beautiful public library with so many great services, and we can all help it stay that way during their annual Labor Day Book Sale.

Vintage items always attract a crowd don't they? I have a lot of vintage hats that I enjoy wearing now and again. But there's more than just vintage hats people enjoy.

From vintage media, vintage clothing, to vintage memorabilia, there's a lot for historians to take in. And one of those most important things to history? Well books of course!

So why are we mentioning books now of all times? Well the Temple Labor Day Used Book Sale is coming soon.

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What can residents in Central Texas expect at the book sale?

Andrea Hankins, a spokesperson for the Friends of the Temple Public Library, spoke about the event taking place August 30 through September 3, 2022. When reached for a comment, Hankins said that the first event took place in 1985.

The sale began at Temple Mall. It stayed there until 2009, when it was moved to the Temple library. It also began to be held two times per year.

But how did the event actually come to be?

Hankins revealed why brought about the event in a comment to Townsquare Media:

"The Friends had conducted smaller fundraisers from 1967 to 1982, such as selling book bags, notepaper, and hosting author’s events, but we were looking for a fundraiser that would bring in more funding for the library. Used book sales are held by many library friends groups across the country, and it seemed this was a fitting way to help the community by offering donors the ability to recycle gently used books and buyers the opportunity to obtain books at bargain prices. The book sales were a resounding success and have grown in number of books sold and amounts raised since 1985."

The Friends also provided Hankins with some of their favorite moments from the event:

"My favorite part of the event is catching up with friends I haven’t seen in awhile since I’m retired now, getting and giving author and book suggestions, seeing the delight on a child’s face when they are excited to get home and read some new books."

"It's satisfying to bring such revenue to the library. I enjoy the teamwork, seeing friends and especially the joy on childrens' faces with their "finds". The community really appreciates our efforts and this makes it rewarding."

"My favorite part  is seeing and talking with many different people from all walks of life who enjoy reading."

How's the turnout for the event, even after COVID?

Hankins said that while attendance dropped a little bit due to the pandemic, it has been increasing ever since, with 1,000 estimated to attend the event.

Hankins also said what would be available during the event:

"We sell thousands of books, hundreds of music CDs and movie DVSs plus other bookstore type items people donate, such as puzzles. For the upcoming sale we estimate to have 40,000 items, perhaps more."

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