I just heard from my "Friends at Oreo", and I have a Big Q Tip for you.

So I did a story a few days back about the Oreo Cookie Contest where one sick, crazy cookie person is going to win a half a million dollars by coming up with the newest flavor.

Well, since I was at the website getting information, I figured I'd throw them an idea. That idea, with a nice Texas flavor, was ROADKILL. I said they could make it taste like anything they wanted to since no one really knows what roadkill taste like. Those who do are most likely dead (or soon will be) of starvation or rabies.

Turns out they're not looking for "original ideas", but profitable ideas. So whatever you decide on, make sure it farts sunshine and rainbows so these corporate cookie monsters can make enough profit on it.

So, the Big Q Tip: Don't bother with the original ideas like Easter Rabbit Dirty Butt Crack -  a mix of chocolate, fudge, and carrot chucks. Yea, that great idea will get one of these responses.

Hi ********,

Thanks for submitting your entry in the My OREO Creation Contest! Unfortunately your entry has been rejected because of: Not applicable to the Theme of Promotion.

If your entry was rejected because of copyright infringement, does it contain one of the following:
• a visible logo on your creation or in the background of the image?
• an already developed OREO® flavor?

Don't worry, simply submit a new entry daily through 7/14/17. If you have questions, please see Official Rules for submission guidelines.

Your friends at OREO® 

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