A journey through Ozzy Osbourne’s solo output seems to mirror the Black Sabbath icon’s life and times. It’s strong evidence that, like him or loathe him (and some do), he’s an artist who very much wears his heart on his sleeve, and in a world like ours, such honesty is to be admired.

As you'll see in the below gallery of the best song from every one of his solo albums, Osbourne's best traits are commitment, energy and fun. Many of those who have worked with him speak highly of his ability to turn up while a track is being composed, create a vocal melody on the spot and leave the work vastly improved. The way his voice, as an instrument, is always twinned with a guitarist of unique playing character is the platform from which his best traits are boosted.

That’s the theory, anyway. The Prince of Darkness has never been of this Earth, and so forces beyond our ken – delivered by the demons of drink, drugs and industry tension – are always nearby to knock the Crazy Train off its rails. As a result, Osbourne’s solo catalog is a real patchwork affair, with highs so high that they make you feel as out-of-it as he used to be himself, and lows so low that even he admits they should never have happened.

But then, Ozzy fans know all that. While he’s a rare and often underrated vocal talent, he’s more than just his voice, and his musical output is more than just the notes. As a case study in openness, his work is always worth a listen.

The Best Song From Every Ozzy Osbourne Album

A journey through Ozzy Osbourne's solo output seems to mirror the Black Sabbath icon's life and times.

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