Growing up, I loved baseball.

2010 Baseball Hall of Fame Preview
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I loved baseball growing up. I used to watch it every weekend. I always liked Catfish Hunter. The guy's name is Catfish. Hillarious.

Anyway. I would collect the cards and such. No one ever said to protect the cards, but there you go. Anyway, my mom was the opposite of a pack rat. Every time we'd move I'd lose something because she would toss it out. My baseball card collection didn't make it one year. It was pretty good, but I would look and touch the cards, which of course is the worse thing you could do to it. I just became content to watch it on the T.V. It wasn't until two channels hit the cable. WGN & TBS. Suddenly baseball was on every damn day!

Cubs and Braves. Great hitting, horrible pitching. Sometimes it was like they were playing football instead of baseball. Braves lost 17 to 14. What a game.

If you love the game, you better enter this contest. You could see an actual HOF induction ceremony.

All-time greats Mariano Rivera, Edgar Martinez, Mike Mussina, and more are being enshrined in Cooperstown at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum! If you win this trip you'll get Hall of Fame admission, awards presentation, a parade of legends and lawn seating to the Induction Ceremony. And there's more...

  • Roundtrip airfare for two (2) to Albany, NY
  • Transportation to Cooperstown
  • Two (2) nights hotel stay
  • Two (2) tickets to the Hall of Fame events
  • $500 in Cash

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