Calling all singers and musicians, your chance to become the next big star in music is coming soon as one of TV's biggest shows is stopping into Central Texas to find the next "American Idol".

According to a press release from ABC Entertainment, American Idol will be hosting open call auditions in Waco on Tuesday August 27th. The American Idol "Bus Tour" will be making stops all across the country looking for contestants for the show and they will be stopping at The Waco Convention Center located at 100 Washington Avenue.

You could be a winner like last season's American Idol Maddie Poppe who I had a chance to meet earlier this year.


If you're ready to take the leap into super stardom, you have to get registered for the auditions but you have to meet several eligibility requirements including being between the ages of 15 to 28 years old. As of right now this is the ONLY Texas date for these auditions so don't hesitate and jump on it!

To get registered CLICK HERE or click the button below and make sure you select the WACO date to participate.

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