This Wednesday, September 21st, KWTX reports that local authorities from McLennan County removed about seven tons of trash and human waste from a group of campsites on Franklin Avenue in Waco.

Wednesday evening, police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanston stated that they located five different campsites in the local area.

The police say that these camps pose a danger to the public due to how unsanitary they are. These camps, which were on private property, were causing trouble for the people that owned the property.

The police officers provided the people living in the camps with information about local help that they can access a week before to allow them to leave the area. When the officers arrived, all the camps were vacant, but the waste was left behind. Reporters were advised to watch out for sharp objects and human waste when they showed up.

Just two weeks before, authorities cleared out another camp that was southwest of the area, near the local Walmart.

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