It is now officially the first day of spring! While that means much nicer weather in Texas, it also means snakes are on the move.

Unfortunately for one Texas homeowner, the snakes moved right into their crawl space. I can't decide which is worse, finding a few snakes in your crawl space or hearing the snake removal people come out and say there are more like 45 rattlesnakes in your crawl space.

It took hours for Big Country Snake Removal to remove all the rattlesnakes in the crawl space of the Albany home not far from Abilene. Big Country Snake Removal posted the 18-minute long video on social media that you can see at the top of this article. A shorter version of the footage from USA today can be viewed below.

The raw video has been played more than 300,000 times as horrified viewers pray nothing like what is in the video may be underneath their home in the crawl space.

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