As a super-fan of Chocolate, I'm always on the lookout for something chocolatey to try. Well, I've found it. Its Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake.

I was reading an article on Texas Hill and I'm a little upset. I've been in Texas since 2002, and no "Texan" has told me about this. What the Hell man?! Can't feed a fat man some chocolate? Oh sure, I love the Whataburger bribe on occasion but my heart always melts to chocolate.

Plus, this is sheet cake, which is the best. Other people will always choose cupcakes, which is just wrong. If you love getting high on sugar, then yes, by all means, eat a cupcake where the proportions are way off. Really, why bother with the cake. Just dish up some frosting in a bowl and eat away.

I found a video of another sheet cake recipe, but the video uses walnuts, not pecans. You get to chose.

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