If you're wondering how in the world you're going to survive the Texas heat this summer. You might want to make plans to visit Waco, Texas.

Sure, it's just up the road, but there's a crap ton of road construction to battle through, but as this video proves, it'll be well worth the hassle.

Nothing kills the summer heat like water. There's a lot of "water" choices in the state of Texas so when someone builds a new park, they have to find a nitch. Well, the fine folks at the Royal Flush have a 3 slide nitch. From tiny air to big air the options are yours to choose.

Get your sliding on for only $25, or include the lazy river option for just $35 dollars.

I'm not one for the outdoors, but then water parks have always been my weakness. When I was living in North Dakota I would travel 3 hours up to Canada to enjoy the water park in Kenosee, Saskatchewan. They had an 8 story drop that would give you an enema if you failed to cross your legs.

Canada is a little too far, but Waco is just up the street. Stay cool my friends.

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