Last week we reminded you about even more chicken choices coming to Killeen. Now we know exactly when the doors will open.

Killeen Daily Herald has reported that the best chicken tenders in America (allegedly) will be available to the folks in Killeen on Monday, August 14th.

Yes chicken tender fans (or "chicken fingers" if you're clearly not from Texas), Zaxby's will open their long awaited restaurant in Killeen in just a few weeks.

Even though they'll have seating for 90, expect it to be S.R.O. for a bit. I was raised in the restaurant business, and the one thing I remember is that you should never judge a restaurant in the first two months. You have to give people a chance to learn their job. It's sort of like the book and the cover type thing. So if by chance you have a bad experience in the first few weeks, just give them some time.

I say this knowing that they plan on opening one in Temple soon as well.

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