O.K. Ladies...and Men. Put away the fit bits. Here's how you can tell if you're healthy. Fart Attack!

Oh sure, you think it's gross. Some of you even refused to do it. Well, farting proves that your body is on the healthy side.

According to the fart facts, here's what a fart consists of.

59% Nitrogen

21% Hydrogen

9% Carbon Dioxide

7% Methane

4% Oxygen

1% Hydrogen Sulfide

The last one, hydrogen sulfide, that's what gives the fart the stank, and it's only 1%. Dear Lord! Imagine if it was 10%. You could be charged with murder.

Even though the ladies will never admit it, women fart just as much as men. And it turns out that woman plant the most stank on the planet. It's my guess that it's because they hold it in for too long, and then when they "release the hounds", the hydrogen sulfide has built up to 2%, and the paint begins to peal.

If you feel bloated, fart. Since being bloated is caused by a build up of gas in the gut, farting is the release valve.

Last but not least, smell them. Breath in the glory of you.


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