Texans have more of these animals as pets than there are in the wild.

via Estately
via Estately

A few years ago, Estately released an interesting map that identified what each state has more of than any other. And as you can see, Texas has more pet Tigers than any other state. They estimate between 10 and 20 thousand pet tigers. If you believe the doomsday people, that means there're way more Tigers in Texas than there are in the wild. They estimate there're just under four thousand worldwide.

I'm sure if you would've thought Texas had the most conceal carry permits, but that went to South Dakota.

And lets be honest - the Pet Tiger State is better than New Mexico, The Mental Illness State. Or Louisiana, the People in Prison State.

Then there's Colorado, who are known for being too high to get their kids vaccinated. Pot: It's what for dinner. Also lunch. And breakfast.

My old state of North Dakota is known for bars and farms, but this I knew. Wisconsin will now be known as Whooping Cough Wisconsin. Is that better or worse than Cheese Heads?

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