With the lockdown coming to an end and people looking for a new sense of "norm", how likely are you to go to concerts again? As of now, lots of concerts have been postponed or cancelled, but eventually concerts will open up again. Will you go? For me it's a yes!

So how will social distancing be observed at a concert? I have no idea, but if it's a concern for you, there may be an easy answer: Micrashell.

What is a "Micrashell?" It's being described as a spacesuit that will "protect you from everything and everyone around you." But in real life it's kinda like the top half of a spacesuit that comes with its own ventilation system that covers the top half of your body. It also comes complete with a camera, speakers, and a wireless communication system, which will even allow you to mute people around you.

Pretty bad-ass right? Especially if you're going to a concert on the moon. The makers of the Micrashell say that ideally, venues will have the suits and give them to the attendees and then sanitize them between shows. Could this be the new "norm?"

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